A good start


So this book: Bouchon Bakery. I had a wild hair. An idea. Bake my way through it. Now, this is not going to be any “Julie and Julia”, rest assured. I will not be baking a new item every single day, dressing up like Thomas Keller, taking myself too seriously. I just love to bake. I have a life: kids in soccer, kids on swim team, 8 acres my husband and I are learning to handle, kids I teach at home. So lets be real, I’ll be tackling probably one item a WEEK. I am by profession a photographer, a mother, a wife. I yearned long ago to be a photojournalist for the likes of National Geographic, but this is where I landed and I’m still a passionate photographer, I love to take care of my family, I LOVE TO BAKE. You see, baking is caring for people. It’s giving them something beautiful, delicious, sweet, occasionally savory, soft. Something that makes them lean back in their chair, close their eyes and just stop for a moment and enjoy. I love this. I love to give people deliciousness and see them savor it. And, being a photographer, it is my nature to document everything. Just ask my facebook friends; almost my entire timeline consists of photos of my life. Kids, jam, food, mess. So back to the book. Bouchon? Bakery? I can only hope to recreate these amazing delicacies with some semblance, some fraction of their actual glory. It will most certainly be an adventure, a mess, a challenge and it will be mostly fun. Will Thomas Keller read my blog? Probably not! Will I someday own my own bakery? Probably not! Will I always bake for those I love? Most definitely.


One thought on “A good start

  1. This is so much fun!! I love your writing style and look forward to following you in your adventure. What a lovely way to break in your new kitchen 🙂
    Happy Baking!!

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