If you can’t take the heat…….


So, you might be wondering: has she baked something?  Was it great?  Delicious?  Everything she hoped it would be?  No, no, no, no.  Because for the last seven days, there has been a heat wave here in Cali.  7 days of 110 degree temps and no overnight relief (in other words, no late night baking to avoid the heat!).  So I wait.  For the temperatures to break, for my fun baking dreams to materialize.  But I sure have done some reading.  Talk about thinking you know about something (baking) and realizing you know next to nothing (me).  Apparently a food scale that measures down to 1/10 of a gram is going to revolutionize my baking.  Apparently there are names for all the different stages of softened butter.  Apparently I shouldn’t be improvising as much as I do when I bake…..But you know what?  For the sake of this book, I’ll follow the letter of the baking law.  For the sake of Bouchon re-creation, I will do what Thomas Keller’s baking gurus do.  I’ll stop my flippant heaping teaspoons and shoddy flour measurements and use a scale, down to the gnat’s you-know-what.  Because that’s the point, right?  To bake the Bouchon way?  Tomorrow there’s supposed to be a break in the super-heated spell cast over Cali and I pray it lasts so I can get this show on the road!


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