I was so excited when my kitchen scale arrived Tuesday.  Well, I would have more excited had I not been in bed sick with a fever….but I digress.  Anyway, it was here!  I could begin my Bouchon journey!  Or so I thought.  Next morning, feeling more human, I excitedly opened the box fresh from Amazon.  Then I realized my mistake.  This was no .1 g increment scale!  Either it had been wrongly advertised or in my zeal I had mis-read the product information.  Either way, it was WRONG!  Now I realize .1 g is a very minute measurement, but if I’m going to do this thing, darn it, I’m going to do it RIGHT!  If Thomas Keller says I should measure out 1.7 g of baking powder, then there will be no measuring 1 or 2, but precisely 1.7!  So back to my computer I went (because if I have learned nothing else, it is that here in this general middle-of-california-valley-area there are no kitchen stores specialized enough to carry a .1 g increment kitchen scale, believe me, I’ve tried).  Sorry for the run-on parenthetical sentence….So search I did.  What did I find?  Most scales measuring down to .1 g increments were “pocket” scales that were not large enough to measure my larger weight ingredients.  And accurate as I want to be, there is not enough room in my full kitchen for two separate scales.

So after almost swallowing my tongue at some of the prices of large-range kitchen scales (those with small increment measurements which could also hold large weights), I found it.  On my trusty Amazon!  A scale that weighed up to 3000 g (roughly 6.6 pounds) in as small as .1 g increments.  A scale that didn’t cost as much as a small car!  In fact, in some crazy Amazon fluke, the 3000 g scale cost half what the 1000 g scale did.  So into my virtual cart it went and then I was asked “would you like to receive this item tomorrow for $3.99?”.  Absolutely!  So today it will arrive, and I will be waiting with bated breath.  Even better?  My mom is visiting.  It’s the cherry on my Bouchon Sundae.  It’s the icing on my Bouchon Cake.  She’s the woman who taught me to bake.  The woman who showed me how to turn black bananas into glorious tender “bread” (read: cake).  The woman who taught me you should always have softened butter on hand.  Now she’s here to celebrate the launch of my Bouchon journey.  How fitting.  How RIGHT.


One thought on “WRONG!

  1. This is Mel Bakes Bouhon’s mom. There is no greater reward or warming of the heart as when my daughter, my amazing multi-tasking, mother of our 4 grand kiddos, caring, God fearing, taker care of everyone else before myself, takes on yet another goal. I am so glad I can be with her to start this adventure. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to share the kitchen with my favorite baker. I love u so much Ms. Melis!

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