Once Upon A Muffin

So these muffins are…old.  Let me clarify:  I made them long ago in a far away summer before homeschooling 4 kids and moving to 8 acres consumed my every waking moment.  Now things have “settled”; that’s probably the wrong word.  It’s actually definitely the wrong word, but I miss baking and in the midst of making big decisions about how to kill monstrous weeds and which math curriculum will make my kids not want to run away screaming, I must bake.  So I began with blueberry muffins, because honestly, if you’re going to make cake in a muffin pan and eat it for breakfast, it should at least have fruit in it, right?  Here’s tip #1 I learned from BIB (if you remember, that means Bib Intimidating Book): rest your muffin batter overnight in the fridge.  It creates this heavenly crumb from some kind of crazy chemistry that happens with all the gluten and fat and moisture.  Plus, then the batter is ready first thing in the morning and you don’t have to try to read a recipe while you’re waiting for coffee to brew!




Remember way back when? That time we talked about molasses and how it adds this certain kind of dreaminess to cookies?  Turns, out, it is just as dreamy in your blueberry muffins.  Crucial Muffin Tip #2 (listen up, I don’t like to repeat myself!): NEVER, EVER make a muffin without streusel.  I mean EVER.  Again, in your life.  Because, as if muffins were not already tasty and soft and wonderful, then there’s this crunchy, sweet, nutty goodness on top that puts them over the top.  I’m not even kidding about streusel.  You can use white sugar, or brown.  Pecans or walnuts (but, really why wouldn’t you use pecans?!).  You can add cinnamon, or not.  Just do it.  I promise, you will never look back.  Ok, streusel rant over. Whew.


Aren’t these flour dusted frozen blueberries so beautiful?  I mean, they’re so happy!  Muffin Tip #3 to take away from BIB: frozen blueberries will not squish all to bits when you incorporate them into your molasses-laden muffin batter.  Brilliant.  And, it actually works!


Just in case you wondered if I actually used my nifty scale?  The answer is absolutely!  I even use it when I measure the streusel.  Promise not to go off on that again… It’s so handy, and I don’t even miss my measuring cups.  That “Tare” button is my new BFF.


Seriously?! Come on!  Look at the brown goodness happening here!  Perfect muffin crumb to streusel ratio.  Perfect golden crunch with that cake-like muffin crumb.  If you need further proof that these muffins are indeed uber-nosh worthy, I submit for your review the following picture:


My youngest boy literally shoving the muffins into his mouth.  This would be his second, as evidenced by the crumbs on his plate.  Each of my kids shoved the muffins into their mouths in the same way, at the very same time, gushing about how these were the best muffins they had ever eaten.  I let the little rule of not talking with your mouth full go, just this once.

Quick recap of Muffins 101:

* Rest your batter

* Freeze your berries

* Always and forever put streusel on your muffins

* Let your kids talk with their mouths full when they’re complimenting your cooking


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