Ugly Scones

Ok, I have to complain for just one quick second about BIB. I’m not a patient person, so this is mostly my own issue.  But lots of the recipes, muffins and scones in particular, require some overnight facet to their production.  Remember how muffins need to rest?  Which, by the way, is completely legit.  It makes a difference.  And these scones?  The (ugly) dried cherries had to macerate overnight.  Did you hear that fancy word I just used?  It actually kind of sounds like a gross thing: macerating.  Like some kind of destructive thing is happening.  Which it is, but in a yummy way when we’re talking about Chocolate-Cherry scones.  My layman definition is to soak something in simple syrup.  Here’s the actual definition.  I’m not far off…


(esp. with reference to food) soften or become softened by soaking in a liquid

I can also be very easily distracted.  Does that go hand-in-hand with impatience? We’ve got these orange trees on our property that are just dripping with sweet, juicy oranges.  I really wanted to make some orange chocolate scones because one of my most favorite blogging bakers makes them killer-style, right here  I highly recommend you make those also.  But this time, I stayed focused; on task.  I shall not waiver from the BIB for now.  Otherwise, I’ll be 80 when I finish baking my way through it!  Deciding to save laminated doughs for the summer days of no kids to educate, I settled on these here Chocolate-Cherry scones.

So you know what real scones mean, right?  More butter.

Again, with the butter.  But we’re baking here folks.  There’s very little way around the B-word.  And if you did go around it, your scones just won’t be the same.  So suck it up and run an extra mile so you can eat this.
I think my pretty blue bowl helps the aesthetics of the hideous dried cherries, don’t you?
Not so much, but the bowl is still pretty 🙂
Turns out, macerating does no cosmetic magic for dried cherries.  They are still ugly.  And so is their juice.  Truth be told, there is nothing very beautiful about these scones.  EXCEPT.  The way they taste.  This magic created by cream and butter in the freezer.  Let me tell you, there was much eye-rolling over these “beauties”.   Here’s the cast of ugly characters:
I must insert a humbling fact here:  I MADE A MISTAKE.
Thankfully, I realized it once I saw this:DSC_7516
See this powder-y looking stuff?  That’s bad scone, baby.  Scones are definitely on the dry side, but this is just WRONG.  In this house of many souls, I cannot feed all mouths sufficiently unless I at least double every single recipe, which I did here.  Only, I didn’t double the cream.  Cringe.  I quickly remedied the problem and moved on.DSC_7517 That’s more like it!DSC_7518 Yes, I measured them.  Because, I’m baking Bouchon and honestly, they bake evenly when they are the same size.  Fact.DSC_7520
They go into the freezer just like this, covered with plastic.  The beauty of freezing them is that you can pull out as many as you want and throw them into 350 whenever you crave an ugly scone.

This also happened this week:
(please try to ignore the unfinished painting.  That should be solved this summer…)
Remember how I mentioned that mess in my kitchen was an inevitability?  Well, I scratched myself out a little Bouchon Corner.  It’s smaller than it looks, really.  And the rest of my kitchen looks  a little crowded so I can have one place that’s neat.  But I’m okay with that, ok?

Here’s another BIB take-away: Scones need glaze like muffins need streusel.  There’s just something cosmically right when butter laden baked morsels are topped with more heaven.  So these got topped with a mix of the ugly cherry juice and powdered sugar.  Which, is also not very beautiful to behold, except with your tongue.
DSC_7532 I’m getting all Fancy-food-blogger here and posing my scone with some coffee.  It’s totally authentic though.  I stood here at my tiny island and ate this scone (while rolling my eyes, of course) and drank this coffee.  



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